Activity cold-post monitors hard to see

(Jeff Wong) #1


A bit of feedback from using discourse a little more – I’m really enjoying the heat monitors for high like ratios and view at a glance colour schemes. They are also quite easy on the eyes at a glance.

I was going to suggest or even PR a similar color indicator for posts that have been necro’d so that resurrected posts that filter back to the top can be easily seen at a glance as well. Then I noticed that this feature already exists, and I felt foolish.

I’ve updated it in my discourse instance and it is much easier to distinguish.

body .coldmap-high {
    color: #04C2BF !important;
body .coldmap-med {
    color: #37BFBD !important;
body .coldmap-low {
    color: #77BFBE !important;

Wondering what you guys think about possibly adding something similar as well in core. It is much easier to at a glance catch up and miss old topics that have been updated. I realize you don’t want to drag too much attention/highlight to an old post, but as it stands it’s really difficult to see much distinction at a glance in vanilla.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Two sets of colors is too much IMO. There was a ton of discussion about this, feel free to dig up that topic.

(Jeff Wong) #3

Whoops, sorry for bugging you about it then – I didn’t see the previous topic before. I’ll shut up about it now, but I still think it’s important feedback for your team, regardless of your decision: It looks OK on my macbook 13" when I checked last night, but I can confirm that it is very difficult to see on a Dell Latitude E7440 Ultrabook screen.

Reminds me of the diablo 3 art controversy. :wink:

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #4

No worries, hearing about actual use cases like these is useful feedback. “Coldmapping” as we called it was a whole thing :stuck_out_tongue: Here’s some good weekend reading if you’re interested:

It’s interesting to see coloured coldmapping making a comeback in a dark theme though. The “clown vomit” factor (search for it) isn’t nearly as strong here.