Color of ‘alert’ above first post of user

I noticed in the meta forum the new user welcome message above the first post of them, is not colored like the highlight color. Why is this the case?

In my board these are all the same color as a highlight. I want these messages to stand out in all of my themes.

Sorry for this simple question, I might me missing some setting here…

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You’re probably looking at an “old” notice.

It looks like this when it’s new

but after a certain amount of time, it becomes old so the color highlight is removed and looks like this

You can control the duration in which post notices are considered new via the old_post_notice_days site setting which defaults to 14 days.

In other words, after 14 days, unless you change the value for the setting, the notice becomes old and loses the highlight.

You don’t have to worry about that. While it’s still new, a post notice should be highlighted regardless of what theme you use because we use this

which means that new notices will always be highlighted with a derivative of the tertiary color used in your theme. So they’ll always stand out.


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