Ad butler show ads Nth place between posts

Can someone explain what size ad would be shown in this section?

It says ads show between Nth posts but does not give a Zone input… So would it show desktop ads on mobile size too? Or does it automatically choose an ad that best fits?

Because all the other options have both a desktop and a mobile version except for this option…


It is explained in the main guide

AdButler Ads Zone URL to Discourse’s Site Settings

This plugin only support AdButler “Standard Zones”. Text and VAST are not supported.

If you browse to a zone in the AdButler admin, then you can find the Publisher ID (PPPPPP) and the Zone ID (ZZZZZZ) in the URL of your browser’s address bar:

Configure the ads in Admin > Settings > AdButler. Enter the publisher id in the “adbutler publisher id” setting, and enter the Zone IDs in the different zone id settings as desired.

By default, ads are assumed to be size 728 x 90, or 320 x 50 in mobile view. To use different size ads, customize using CSS in your site’s theme. Override the following CSS:

.adbutler-ad { width: 728px; height: 90px; } .adbutler-mobile-ad { width: 320px; height: 50px; }


Thank you for your reply.

But this setting here which displays ads between the Nth number of posts. There is no way to assign a Zone ID to this… So this could end up displaying larger desktop leader board ads between posts on mobile. Which will break the layout.


There is no way to tell it which zone (ad size) to serve the ads from. All the other Zone locations you can select desktop or mobile.

For all ad platforms supporting the nth post setup, the corresponding configuration is in platform_post_bottom_* and platform_mobile_post_bottom_*

Does this mean that it will auto re-size itself?

It means there are two places for zone ID configuration, one for desktop and one for mobile.

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Got ya! Thank you for your help.

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