Ad-Manager DFD and Google AdSense Auto Ads

So I am using Google Ad Manager to sell individual Ads on the Site it is slow going and have basically 1 or two specific Ads that I’ve sold.
I am also Back-Filling unsold slots in Ad Manager with Adsense that is all working correctly. However I am considering turning on Auto Ads (in Ad-Sense) I am wondering if anyone knows how that would work with Ad-Manager and if it will still respect my Ad-Manager Settings

For example I have sold a 25% Impressions Slot in Ad-Manager (Top Banner) that Guarantees that 25% of the time this Banner will be shown. That is working fine and 75% of the rest of the time that slot is filled with Ad-Sense Ad.
I think when I turn on Auto-Ads from AD-Sense it is going to sprawl Ads all over the site on its own and I suspect it will also ignore my Ad-Manager Settings and Guarantees such as 25%

Does anyone have any thoughts on this and or has played with it?