AdSense Auto ads


Hello, I’m reading about AdSense Auto ads, and as long as Adsense can recommend me to change my ad format and add the automatic ad.

I was struck by the fact that it is not necessary to remove the old adsense code, but by directly adding the new code in the header of the page, the ads automatically “decide” where to show and which ads to show or not.

Is someone using them in their forums?
Pros and cons? Have you detected any visualization problems?

(Bryan Holst) #2

you’re welcome to check my site out. I’ve been using Adsense for a while. I’ve had no complaints.


@bholst, thanks for the link, but… are you using auto ads? :thinking:

(Mariano Rodriguez) #4

I’m not using them yet,

From what I’ve read, it’s better to remove all the AdSense code, so the IA has the chance to use the 100% of the page to place ads, instead of putting ads, where are blank spaces and/or not enough static ads.

I haven’t implemented the auto ads, because I really don’t know how nicely they’ll go with the Discourse Ads plugin. Although is a nice addition from Google and interesting to see if it’s working properly and truly helps to increase earnings.

(Bryan Holst) #5

I thought I was? I may have totally misunderstood. Sorry if I did

(Neil Lalonde) #6

I did a quick search for Auto Ads support on single page apps like Discourse, but found nothing to say if it will work. If you try it, make sure that it’s loading the ads when navigating.