Add 1 to every reply count?

Another thing that’s come up in recent usability tests…

I’ve noticed some users are confused by some of the main page numbers, especially “0” in the reply column, denoting an un-replied topic. I appreciate that we’re displaying the reply count, so 0 is absolutely accurate, but I get the impression a lot of people don’t distinguish between OP and replies, they see them as the same thing, so 2 = a conversation, 1 = an initial posting.

In that context, does anyone know whether it’s possible to add 1 to every topics reply count? I’ve searched around but couldn’t find anything.

(Also to be transparent, this particular forum has a UI that hides the “Reply” header text, which is obviously exacerbating the confusion, however it’s not easy to bring back that heading, for various other reasons, hence the question.)

first post isn’t a reply. also if a topic exists, it’s presumed to have an OP. maybe i’m missing something.


Ah. That explains it. That is what is causing the confusion. I don’t remember anyone else being confused by the number of replies being zero.

I’m sure a theme component could do it; it might even be possible with just CSS.

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Users assume that the column displays the number of posts instead of the number of replies. :slight_smile: