Add a new special character to Kanban theme component allowing users to define 'all categories'

What would you like done?

The Kanban component currently has some special characters which define specific selections. I want a new special character/wildcard which defines ‘all’.

For example,

  • default modes: [All]:tags:backlog,sprint,doing,review,done
    so Kanban uses the above columns everywhere automatically, unless otherwise stated .

  • default view: [All]
    so all categories feature a Kanban board as the default view automatically.

The combination above means that new categories and sub categories won’t need to be manually set up with a kanban board as default view when created

Settings would look something like this:

Using a special character like # rather than all would reduce potential conflict issues

When do you need it done?
This Sunday evening (26/11/2023)

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?

the Kanban component

If anyone wants to also fix the drag and drop of cards in mobile view which @david mentions in the 1st comment, drop me a quote as i may be able to fund it soon.

I’ll send you a PM. :slight_smile:

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Task complete :partying_face: Thank you @Arkshine for a rapid turnaround and also very thorough build.

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