Add a Pinterest button to the social share box

I would like a Pinterest button to be added to the social share box. I have it on the highest authority that to submit the change as a pull request should take just a few hours (at most) of a coder’s time.

Could someone chime in with this? My contribution will be to pay the bill.

You could probably sweet talk @riking into doing it, if you made him an offer.


We probably should support this. I know @eviltrout added a lot more extensibility:

@techapj can you add this to your list, low priority? I don’t want it to be a default, but it should be available. There is already a glyph for it in the font we use, too.


@tradpainter I was looking into implementing this feature and just realized that Pinterest only allows image sharing … so what do you have in mind? Showing Pinterest share icon on image only posts?

I would like your input regarding this feature.

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I thought Pinning from Discourse might follow the same philosophy as a share to FaceBook, where it automagically formats what FB wants to see

So instead of FB requiring summary and image?) in this instance, by selecting Pin from the share options it would display what Pinterest wants to see i.e. only an image.

And instead of FB’s options for timelines to post to, it would list your boards to Pin to.

What I have just said comes with 100% admission that I have no technical clue what is involved in that process :blush: so if it can only be done on image only posts, I will work out how to make that work.