Add a Sign up button (memberful purchase link) in header and disappear when log in

I have the memberful integration with Discourse. When SSO is active, the sign up button disappear. Only the “sign in” button of Discourse is showing and convert to the Memberful’s sign in form.

I will add a “sign up” button with some CSS codes in the header. My question is : how to make this button disappear when a member is log in? I want the same thing that happen to the current “sign in” button of Discourse, it is hiding when a member log in.

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Just make it appear only to users not logged in using the .anon class, take a look here as example Banner Topic on home page and only for anonymous users


Thanks! It is working perfectly!


A note for future readers.

The approach mentioned by @dax works fine, however another approach you can take to add a Sign Up button when SSO is active is to use the plugin api in a header script.

The advantage of using the plugin api is that you can insert the button in the right part of the DOM tree to make styling easier.

This issue arose in the context of getting @Francois_Douville’s button to play nicely with the Header Search Theme (see here).

In @Francois_Douville’s case, the appropriate javascript to add the button is:

<script type="text/discourse-plugin" version='0.8.12'>
api.decorateWidget('header-buttons:before', function (helper) {
    if (!api.getCurrentUser()) {
        let rawLabel = ? "S'inscrire" : "S'inscrire gratuitement";
        return helper.attach('link', {
            href: '',
            className: "btn btn-primary btn-small login-button"