I want a Sign Up button to appear with SSO

On a site without SSO, when a new user shows up there are two buttons in the top right corner - SIGN UP and LOG IN:

But when you have SSO turned on, you only see one button in the top right corner - LOG IN. This leaves new people without an obvious way to sign up. On our site, we’d have both buttons link to our wordpress signup/signin page.

We fixed this provisionally by changing the button with CSS, but would prefer to have two separate buttons as without SSO.

.login-button::after {
    content: " | Sign up";

Our workaround is to make an obvious link to the signup process on the login page that we host.

Edit: Also, I forgot that our global announcement banner post type (or whatever that special type is called these days) also has a link to our account sign up. And if someone has a new browser session, they’ll get that until dismissed or until they sign in, whichever comes first.

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The Log In button brings up a modal that has Create New Account.

But I agree, it isn’t obvious that that option will be there if they click Log In.

This is not true if you’re using a 3rd party for SSO authentication to Discourse.


It seems like the main use case here is to have a custom sign up button when in SSO mode?

It might be better to get that feature implemented via a PR if it’s something many people want on their forums?

I could see it working like this:

  • a new site setting, sso_signup_url
  • if present, when rendering the buttons it would create a sign up button with that url

I can provide pointers if someone wants to work on this :slight_smile:


It’s definitely odd without a Sign Up button I must say. Would be much better with a Sign Up button that when clicked should link to my Wordpress sign up page.

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Agreed. I’m combatting it with a pinned banner topic with a clear CTA to register.
It’s only been going a few weeks but 64% of new users are clicking on it.


That might not be true for SSO though when login is done via the parent site. Remember SSO means, login happens outside of Discourse, somewhere else.

I am curious, do you really need two buttons for SSO, when account creation is 100% handled by the parent site? Is there one text that would work for both cases?

I don’t use SSO currently these days, but a single Sign Up or Log In button would’ve worked for us. Is that localizable through the admin UI?

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In both instances where this has been an issue for me, although account creation is handled through the parent site, most traffic comes directly to the community so yeah, it’s pretty crucial.

A single button with different text would be absolutely fine.


All text can be edited from Admin, Customize, so … yes

Monitoring this issue as we use Wordpress for SSO, and also miss a signup link. Workarounds described above look promising however.

I would like to see this feature as well. I would propose adding this option ‘sso sign up button external link’, if blank it acts as it does now, if a link is entered then the sign up button is visible with the entered link.

I don’t think the log in button should change since it has a modal to the sso login.

A single button would not work for me as I use memberful and they do not have a link to register in their modal, I have put in a feature request to them but I do not have my hopes up.

Thumbs up for this feature :slight_smile:

Of course, we can edit text content to “Register - Log In” in admin panel, but the base problem is the same : the button links to the Log-in page of the SSO provider. (WordPress or whatever else.)

So users have to do an extra step to get the register link at the bottom of Log In page. When they can found it.
For example in WordPress, the default font on register link is very small and hard to notice. On my website, I need to use additionnal CSS rules to use a bigger font size. But even with that, several users are ofter lost.

So this feature could be really cool ! :slight_smile:

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