Add a specific class for wikis (when first post) at the topic list level

Following the suggestion from @Johani here:

To which Johani replied:

Unfortunately, wiki is a post-level, not a topic-level property. So, It’s not added to the topic list item model. You can use a tag or create a feature request for Discourse to add that class.

I suppose the vast majority of wikis are first posts, but I understand the post level issue.

However, having the possibility of emphasizing wikis on the topic list would be a neat addition and may incite people to visit them and maybe participate in their content.

A simple way to achieve this would be by automatically tagging any Topic with a wiki post with #wiki or similar.

This can be done manually using advanced search, but I’d like to automate it in my Wikified Posts Component - but just don’t know how to.

But yes, having a wiki class that applies at the topic level would be enormously helpful!!

I prefer not to rely on tags at the moment (my forum doesn’t use tags and I won’t want it to be somewhat cluttered by tag selectors and fields only to filter by wiki tags and nothing else), but I do like your component that makes wiki more obvious on the posts list.

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Another thing that might work for you is manually putting an emoji as the first character of the Topic title, kind of like here:

Again, you can identify the Topics with wikis in them by using advanced search.

If someone shares some code to identify Topics which contain a wiki post or where the first post is a wiki (or both), I can roll that in to the component too.

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I thought about that, but couldn’t find any proper emoji for this use… :sweat_smile:

Wouldn’t that be a bit too much of a query?

Have you tried the other emoji sets? I’m not sure how it works but you might even be able to use a 3rd party one that you like.

That is what ActiveRecord is for apparently. But I’m very much a noob for that kind of thing!

This is an interesting suggestion again, but wouldn’t this change emojis all over the forum?

This is a very personal choice, but I find Twitter’s emoji designs fantastic. I mean… Look at the smirkiness of this smirk: :smirk:
Twitter’s emojis look way better than the other sets to me. I understand that my choice should be my community’s choice in this case, but since nobody complained… I’ll stick with Twitter’s set :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I chose to manually prepend the wiki’s titles with:

:scroll: [Wiki]

I think it looks nice enough, and my community doesn’t have heavy use of wikis.

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Nice solution! Do you do that manually or have you automated it?

I did that manually.

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Since wikis on my forum aren’t overused and users don’t really know that they exist, In addition to have their title manually customized, I used Custom top navigation links to add a Wiki link in the top navigation:


I also noticed that searching for "📜 [Wiki]" in:title" instead of in:wiki in:title is way faster!

By “way faster”, I mean something like three or four time faster!

You can see by yourself:

Slow: Search results for 'in:wiki in:title' -
Fast: Search results for '"📜 [Wiki]" in:title"' -

So I chose the second link for my Wikis button.

I’d be interested to know why in:wiki is that slow. About 4 seconds on my computer to show the results.
Searching with the string "📜 [Wiki]" in:title" takes about 1 second.

(and of course, I understand that I can do such a wiki search based on title keywords because I only have first posts as wikis, and I customized all their title with the same prefix).

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