Add a specific class to enable targeting Category Moderators

Would it be possible to add the “admin role” of the user (e.g. is-admin, is-moderator, is-cat-moderator) as a CSS class to this wrapper (or somewhere more global):

<div style="position: absolute; top: 34px; left: 0px;" data-click-outside="true" class="popup-menu topic-admin-popup-menu">

Thus, it would be possible to at least hide some options via CSS for category moderators. In my case, I don’t like them to be able to pin topics. Or is there any other global way to identify the “admin level” of the current user via CSS?

Update: Found it myself… “staff” class is added to the element for admins and mods, but not for category mods. Fair enough.


Just to revive this with an update, I think this should now be possible with the CSS Classes for Current User’s Groups theme component. :+1: