Staff category permission change

I’m looking to add new moderators and not have them be able to view the staff category

Largely just due to history that’s not applicable to them

As its pre-seeded I can not just use the security settings, as it hosts so much content related to design I can not delete it either

Is there a way to just add a ‘display: none;’ type rule in the common CSS so moderators simply do not see it?


Even if on a user by user basis?


Thank you

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Hi Robert,

Instead of doing things with css where anything you have hidden can easily be seen in safe mode. Why not create a new category that is only visible to you and move the topics over which leaves the staff category free. Alternatively, you could try out Category Group Review/Moderation as they don’t see the #staff category.


You can move those topics to a new old-staff category. See “Move all topics from one category to another” in Administrative Bulk Operations


This appeared pretty easy and I began but then thought what happens to all the images I’ve placed for ads?

Not only do I park images in staff for my house ads but also to host on other sites, so this seems like I may regret it, thoughts?

I believe I use that for my leader group as they largely have moderation abilities, not sure, really like to just give full fledged moderator short of the many years of (staff) history I’d rather be left as history

I don’t find that to big a threat, can the CSS idea be accomplished easily enough?

Image urls have nothing to do with what topic or category they are in. That’s not a problem.

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Good to hear, so to be sure, nothing in the pre-seeded Staff category will be messed up if I follow the instructions which are

cd /var/discourse
./launcher enter app

rails c

rake categories:list

rake categories:move_topics[15,6]  *with appropriate designations  I pick from the list*

cd /var/discourse
./launcher rebuild app

afterward these


will still be linked as they were on the site but located in my new admin only folder/category?

Thanks so much for the guidance

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I’m mostly sure about those. You can test one. It’s easy to move back.


I decided to go for it, this [1] pry(main) came up I was not prepared for, tried to advance and chose to exit with the second one, I’m guessing there’s an obvious error on my part?

If it’s just the three you can do them by hand.

But she why that’s not working, though.

You can add .json to the category url to find the id.

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