Is it possible to change vis CSS the Category Moderator shield?

Is it possible to change via CSS the shield of category moderators to something else so we can differentiate category moderators from moderators?

Or phrased differently, am I able to target the .svg-icon (which is now a shield) for .first.username.category-moderator specifically? so far I can change .svg-icon, but for all moderators, category or not.


I’m sure you know about the built in feature but otherwise :wink: :

section#topic div.topic-post.category-moderator div.topic-meta-data span.category-moderator span.svg-icon-title {
  display: none;

Selector above will hide shields only from category moderators. Adjust to your needs.

You may want to read How to make CSS changes on your site and Developer’s guide to Discourse Themes


Thanks for the pointer!

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