Add affordance that more tags are available in tags selector

Currently, the tags selector looks like this:


The “search” field here is insufficient affordance to show that more than those 5 tags are available. When taken at face value, it appears that the search function lets you search within those 5 tags, which of course is completely unnecessary because I can see the 5 tags right in front of me.

As a result, the 5 tags shown in this list have very high usage, while usage of tags not within the list falls off hard. The next highest user-settable tags in this forum are “ai” at 203 uses, “solved” at 176 uses and “server-resources” at 138 uses. In the case of my forum, the top 3 are “plugins, recording, accessibility” - with tags like “bug, ui, playback” being effectively unused.

Potential solutions

A quick and easy way to add affordance here would be to have a “search 123 tags…” as the search placeholder.

Alternatively, showing more tags would also work. After all, right nextdoor to the tag selector is a component which solves the affordance issue by just showing one big, long, scrollable list instead:



The amount of tags is limited by a site sitting max_tag_search_results, default is 5.

If you change this to more, you do get the same type of scrollbar.


Good workaround, though not necessarily a solution. I imagine the reason it defaults to 5 is to cap server load which otherwise would be generated on every keystroke, correct?

I don’t think it’s necessary to show more than 5 results while searching; autocomplete being limited is a well-understood pattern. Communicating that more than 5 results are available before starting the search would be worth addressing though.

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