All tags filter search - why not all tags?

I run a community where we have recently installed discourse to replace an older system. We are an investment platform where most of the topic creating activity relates to one or more of the 1,000s of companies you can invest in. We use the tagging facility within discourse to allow users to associate a topic with one or more companies and as a result the page for each tag has become quite an important page type.

My support question relates to the “all tags” filter feature. It seems to function only as a way to filter the main topic view by 30 tags (we have many 1000s) and despite having a search facility you can not search for a tag outside of the 30 listed.

Is there a way to make this tag search look through all tags and not just the listed 30? I am aware that you can search for a tag in the main search field and you will get a chip below the top results but given the big focus on tags in our community I would like to know if there is a better way.

Thanks for any support.

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I have looked into the further and found that if I go into the tags config I can set this filter cap to be a high number. In my case 10,000. This seems to give the functionality I need.