Add Algolia search to your Discourse


I spotted a few issues with Algolia plugin and tags.

If you add a tag to a topic and save, it doesn’t push it to Alogolia. It is only pushed when you change something like the title. It appears that changing a tag doesn’t trigger the update.

Also when changing a tag then changing the title of the topic, it doesn’t push this through to all the posts only the first one.


Hi again!

Unfortunately Algolia is somewhat broken for all Discourse forums.

More details: Algolia Search on Discourse stops working after few seconds - Open Q&A - Algolia Community

TL;DR: Algolia Search stops working once you start scrolling – it just won’t “react” anymore, no results at all. It’s nicely shown on the GIF.

Algolia Staff can’t find the root cause.


Hey guys.

Algolia has some limits to use if u don’t pay for it. Actually we can use elasticsearch instead.

Here’s the code GitHub - imMMX/discourse-elasticsearch: discourse plugin to support elasticsearch