Using algolia with multiple indices

I would like to use multiple indices in my discourse algolia search. I have the three general discourse indices and would like to include two new ones, coming from wordpress, to have a search connection to our documentation.

How can I configure discourse-algolia to show search results from all indices?

Here is one example:
First index is showing community-content, like we have now.
Second index is showing external page. For each new index other then discourse we could show a new grouping. Maybe we could insert a list, which indices we would like to show on frontend to not use all existing ones available within search-API.

Maybe it is possible to reach such a goal using multiple indices. Algolia themselves are also having such a search, even with a preview.

Algolia has a UI & UX Pattern for this using InstantSearch.js:

So the question is: What can we offer right now with plugin discourse-algolia?

  • Is it right now only able to use the three discourse-indices?
  • Would it be a new feature to use other indices?
  • Or do we need to manipulate existing discourse-index “discourse-posts” so it will also show “foreign entries”?