Add alias support to emoji picker

Twitter have alias support in the Emoji picker, it means that:

VS, what we have now:


It would be nice to have support for aliases on Discourse.

Note we should probably also add this as a fallback for : completion.


Going to close this cause reading the code this is already supported, so the problem here is that we simply do not have enough aliases.

So for example :skel will show skull


While waiting for imports during the day :stuck_out_tongue: I implemented search aliases:

@sam I let you add the aliases you think are needed, the process is simple:

For others reading this, I prefer us going with search aliases in this case, aliases as we already have them will actually generate images, while search aliases is only a mapping of keywords to already existing emojis.


The Unicode Consortium actually has a lot of resources regarding emojis. One of them is a list of emojis with keywords that could be used as search terms in the emoji picker. And there are even translations for emoji names and keywords.