Add an option to list topics by tagging date

What would you like done?

When listing topics by tag, they’re ordered by the most recent update/reply date. For our use, we need a specific tag to be listed by tagging date instead so the order will remain unchanged.

For example:


I need this to both work for the json and for topic lists/galleries. Note that I’m not sure about the best notation for this.

Our use case is the Homepage Feature Component - right now the order of featured topics updates whenever someone posts a reply ad we’d like it to stay ‘fixed’. We also use the Topic List Thumbnails Theme Component to display the featured in a gallery and here too the order should remain fixed.

A plugin would work for us, but adding this to core would be even better (if it can be done with the same amount of work): this has been discussed in the past and at the time @sam was not against making this a PR. Is that still the case, Sam?

When do you need it done?

The sooner, the better.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?

I’m not sure what’s realistic, sorry. I’ll start with $100?


Hi @bartv
I can take this up. Sending you a PM regarding this

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I have put this request on hold for now.

I’ll close this out @bartv - if you’d like to reopen, please flag the OP.