Sort tagged topics by creation (or tagging) date

Awesome! Didn’t know you have to put the order before the tag.
However it doesn’t work on blenderartists. Where is the documentation for all these url suffixes?
@bartv any idea why it doesn’t work on blenderartists?

I concur that neither options I have found for this work on my site either, I have tried both of these and they throw me to the home page.


I notice that here at meta the links Sam posted are routed to “/latest?tags=” i.e. the query parameters are added to a page path and not the / directory.

Might it be that latest needs to be the “home” page for these to work without explicitly using latest in the URL?
In other words, if the category list page is “home” it can’t be sorted / filtered as the latest list page can be.

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I think you’re on to something, this seems to be working on my site


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I confirm, adding /latest does the trick. Thanks @Mittineague!
Although the Topic List Preview plugin doesn’t cope well with it, as it doesn’t display the thumbnails like it does with the default tag listing.

My topic list preview is working for this, do you have tags and latest in the topic_list_thumbnail setting?


Not “latest” because is kind of half for artwork and half for help on using the program, so enabling thumbnails on latest would be problematic (tech support topics shouldn’t have thumbnails).
Could there be any workaround?

To the developers of Discourse: would it be possible to implement a “/tags/some-tag?order=created” system?
That would allow the Topic List Preview add-on to work along with it.

OK let me clarify, you have:

But want that displayed like:

So you have 3 options here:

  1. Get @angus to add some magic option here for you
  2. Turn on topic preview everywhere and not only on tags
  3. Submit a PR to core that adds order support to the tags route (not against this)
  1. not happening. Enabling thumbnails on tech support topics is a waste of space
  2. didn’t quite get that. What’s a PR?

A change request of contributed code by the community to our Discourse repo at:

If you wanted to kick start this change you could post to #marketplace with a budget.

I have no knowledge in any of the languages that Discourse is made with so I can’t make a pull request myself and since the issue tracker is disabled, I guess I just have to keep this request here and be patient.

I’ll see if there are drawbacks to enabling topics preview everywhere (I have concerns about layout and performance), and if needed I can chat with Angus too to see if this is something he thinks is worth doing.

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You guys want this route sorted by tag creation to match with the featured topics order right?

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Yeah exactly. Right now the user experience of going from the featured row to the featured gallery is weird as their order is different.

This has been addressed, insofar as it applies to featured topics in the Topic List Previews plugin:


One issue solved.
Is it possible to expand it to work with any tag?

Actually… I’m not sure it works.
Isn’t it supposed to sort featured topics by tagging date?

Could it be that this stopped working, perhaps when you introduced the possibility of using more than one tag on the featured topics?

@angus could you take another look at this please? The featured?order_by=tag_date is no longer working.

You can try it here and compare the order of the topics in the tiled gallery to the ones in the featured bar.