Add anti-troll language in guidelines

I want to add more anti-troll language to my guidelines because many “trolls” on my forum ask very leading questions to cause arguments and general statements rather than asking a specific question for help. It’s all very opinionated, and pointing the finger, and/or (kind of) off topic.

I am wondering if anyone has any good language against that sort of behavior in their guidelines that they would be willing to share?


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Keep in mind that you don’t need written guidelines to take punitive action. You can always just delete the leading posts or close the topic.

Yes, which I do. But I don’t want to have to repeat myself over and over again, and this helps me when “arguing” with the person b/c I can say… “it is clearly stated in our guidelines…”. Etc.

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That seems like a reasonable thing to add to the guidelines. Mostly “are you asking to cause an argument, or are you asking in good faith because you need to know the answer”. Essentially, people should not be there to argue, but to get stuff done.


You phrase things great!! :slight_smile: Cheers