Add "approve new topics unless trust level" setting

(Penar Musaraj) #1

I would like to be able to allow trust level 1 users to post responses to existing topics (both posts and replies) without moderation, while new topics should go to an approval queue.

Is this doable with the current settings? If not, would this be a feature request for an upcoming version or would it be something a plugin could/should do? (For example, could this be done by a simple customization that hides the new topic button for a certain user level?)

(Jeff Atwood) #2

It’s not a bad idea; we suppressed Reply as Linked Topic for TL0 users to make the topic page a bit less noisy, but that is less relevant now that Reply as Linked Topic is behind the link button on each post.

I don’t know that creating a new topic should be suppressed for TL1 users though.

(Penar Musaraj) #3

The goal (for my case) would be to review new topics before publishing. Suppressing New Topic button is not the right option, I take that back.

(Penar Musaraj) #4

(Apologies for monopolizing this topic…)

I made some progress on this today. I added a second setting called “approve new topics unless trust level” to the Posting screen:

and then in /lib/new_post_manager.b I added the following check to self.user_needs_approval? :
(manager.args[:title].present? && user.trust_level < SiteSetting.approve_new_topics_unless_trust_level.to_i) ||

It seems to work well on my initial tests. And I think that having this as an independent setting makes sense; sites can even combine both settings (approval queue for all posts for TL0 users and approval queue of new topics for TL1 users, for example).

If this fits within the team’s plans, I would be honoured to submit a PR.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #5

Go for it! Just keep in mind we might not get around to reviewing it until early October as we’re about to embark on a team meetup.

(Penar Musaraj) #6

Thanks, already submitted and @zogstrip reviewed it quickly and recommended writing tests. I have not written a test before, so I am not sure if it is expected of me or someone else.

Here is the PR:

(Mittineague) #7

I may be off base here.

I agree that rspec and qunit tests are a good thing to have, but I think that the type of “test” Régis meant here is a “conditional test”.

That is, the “OR - AND” logic should test for “fast” and “regex” in there somewhere.

(Penar Musaraj) #8

The PR has been updated with ruby tests.

(Penar Musaraj) #9

PR is now merged, thanks team!