How to turn off topic approval

So I recently promoted my testing account to trust level 1. When they were trust level 0, they could post topics without approval.
However, after promoting them to TL1, I get this message:

In the category, “Require approval of all new topics” is unchecked.
So why is this happening?

Hello there @Little_Joe!

In your site settings search approve and change accordingly. I suspect this is caused by these settings

approve unless trust level

approve new topics unless trust level

You don’t have any watched words defined, do you?

No, but I’ve got this:

And this:

No idea if that could affect anything.

I’ve still got the issue, should I post it in #bug?

I don’t think it’s a bug, after deleting my account and making a new testing account, I didn’t get that message, does anybody know why this happens? Is it because there is a setting after a certain amount of flags or deleted posts, the user needs approval?

Check the value of the approve post count site setting. Based on the message on the reviewable it looks like you may have modified that setting.

That’s 0: