Add Chat to Right-Sidebar-Block?

How to add a chat channel to the widget?

That’s not possible at the moment, sorry :slight_smile:

What is it you’re trying to do? Show a permanent open channel in the sidebar?

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Yes. It seems to me that chat helps increase activity on the site. But at the moment it is very invisible :smiling_face_with_tear:

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@Gonerdot It’s an interesting idea for sure.

Would you mind delving a bit deeper into what it is you would like exactly?

For example: do you want the whole chat drawer to be permanently shown in the sidebar? Or do you want 1 channel highlighted in the sidebar, while the drawer keeps working as normal?
If the latter, would you expect to be able to send a message in that highlighted channel directly from the sidebar? Or would it somehow on click open the same channel in the drawer and reply from there?


I would like to see a specific chat channel displayed in the sidebar.
With the ability to send a message directly from this block.
And for guests, only display the chat history without the ability to reply.


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