Why is email verification required upfront?

I have been very excited to try out discourse. I have setup an instance on Digital Ocean but I haven’t been able to go past the email verification step in past few hours. I am wondering why would you guys put something such as SMTP upfront to just setup and try your platform? Why couldn’t it be like Wordpress where you can setup email system later?

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You have to have someone in charge - an Administrator - to set up and customise Discourse the way you want to. Such setup and customization can only be performed by an Admin. By using email as a way to verify you as the administrator, you will also be automatically logged in and set as an Admin as soon as you’ve clicked on the verification link.

If you’re having a problem setting up SMTP for sending invites or notifications, just use the search here on Meta. Some people had problems setting theirs up and there are solutions to different mail providers.


This is discourse, totally different concept than WordPress. You can’t compare the two.

If you need help with discourse SMTP, then either use the search function on meta or send me a DM and I’ll help.


Hmmm, have you tried setting up the admin from the rails console?:


In Discourse, email is your identity, this is a fundamental, bedrock part of the design from the earliest days of the project.

For testing purposes you might be able to bypass at the command line, but you’ll never have a working Discourse site (that is to say, usable by anyone other than yourself) without reliably functioning email delivery. :e-mail: