New user approval e-mail links to assets which might be inaccessible

I’ve setup a discourse instance that is private-only in our organization. The new user approval e-mail contains links to image assets that are hosted on that server.

We use Google Apps, so our company e-mail is hosted by Google. Google likes to pre-download the images included in html e-mails before showing them to the user.

Because Google does not have access to our internal infrastructure, the assets show up as the broken-image icon in the e-mail body.

Would it be possible to make the default approval e-mail contain publicly-accessible assets to guard against this issue?

I see, you should be able to edit the new user email via

admin, customize, text

From there change (re-upload) any referenced images from local to public on imgur or whatever you prefer.

Thanks, I’ve edited the e-mail template to reference a publicly available source for those images.

Curious is the discourse instance still going :blush:


I’m not sure, I left Stack last November! I would assume it’s still running.


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