Add English and translated aliases for Emojis

Continuing the discussion from Add alias support to emoji picker:

Our Emoji picker could be greatly improved by adding support for English and translated search aliases. The Unicode Consortium provides all the data we need:

This feature consists of two parts:

  1. Doing all the aliases properly for English
  2. Adding support for per locale aliases, so you can type :sourire in French on French sites and get :smile: in the window.

I’m putting it on my list.


Just as a note here, we need it to be lazy loaded, this is why I haven’t been doing it yet.


I think it is fine to have alias.en and etc… files, so we can lazy load per locale.


Isn’t this complete @gerhard?

No, not yet. I decided to work on it next month because it was moved to the next release.


Just found out about this “public” list of translated emoji aliases: Translations



I have a general question. I created my custom emoji group. How do I override this translation key? :slight_smile:


Thank you.

Currently you have to add translations into a theme or component, in your case it would be something like:

    I18n.translations.en.js.emoji_picker.twitch = "Twitch";

You can also add de if you need a different name for de.

@gerhard I had to ask you about this, do you see a better way to accomplish this given custom group names are set by admins ?


The easiest solution I can think of is to use the custom group name if the translation can’t be found. The only problem I’m seeing is that group names seem to be converted to lowercase.

I18n.t("emoji_picker.twitch", { defaultValue: "twitch" })

The more involved solution would be to make SiteTextsController and TranslationOverride work with custom emoji group names (or any other custom translation that needs to be added at runtime).


Cool might investigate the second one at some point, thanks.

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Hey I just did console.log(I18n.translations.en.js) which outputs me the following:

It seems that emoji_picker is not available for a translation for me. There are also no effects if I paste in your code into my theme head.

Thank you.

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This was reported again here: (now closed)

We will be prioritizing this and get to it in the next release.


@joffreyjaffeux I created a PR to include search aliases in our emoji-db repo.