Add EXIF data of the uploaded photo

Is it possible to add the exif data of a picture after it, when uploading it, automatically after the picture?

If not, I think it would a great feature.
You think this can be done with a plugin? I could learn…


We do a bunch of post processing steps for images. I don’t see why you couldn’t add in extra ones to add EXIF data if you wanted to.

You might need to request some extensibility points (or submit a PR for them) but I don’t think a plugin would be too hard.


We strip EXIF for security reasons. So this is intentional.


no, what I mean is to make them appear on the post automatically after the picture, like

Camera model: NIKON D5300
f-stop: f/5
Exposure time: 1/640 sec.
ISO speed: ISO-100
focal length: 26mm

I understand about location, but the rest of the data is really important for a photo club. Anyways, this could be done before the EXIF removal. Save the data and write after the picture.


I’ve always thought the way DPReview handled EXIF data in images was pretty smart, fading in over the image on mouseover.

Discourse already has some image information on hover, maybe this would be a good place to add the EXIF?

Not sure if they’ve solved it now, but the one drawback of the implementation at DPReview was that mobile devices couldn’t see EXIF info at all.


This would be SO wonderful.

I use a chrome extensions called Exif Viewer that is REALLY good, it shows histogram and all the data possible from the image:

Bad thing there is no exif when you upload a picture to discourse… and I would have to tell the people from my forum to install the extension.
But it would be really nice to do something similar, for example in the lightbox, or maybe throught a plugin.
Or at least remove just the location from a security perspective, but the rest is really important!

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For some extra context, can you link us to your current forum?

it’s not active yet and under development, but yeah you can visit it

If you mean the forum I visit regularly that has exif info, it is (in Spanish)

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Check out DPReview too:

That subforum is dedicated to users sharing photos and showcases their EXIF support.

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Any thoughts on this?
Someone working in something similar?

Nobody is working on this at the current time. If you’d like to sponsor its development, I suggest signing up for a hosting plan at :wink:

It’s been about a year, sorry for bumping this thread but I’m curious… are there any plans at all to implement such a feature?

It’s something we want to do, but it’s low on our TODO list right now.

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I know nothing… is it even possible to do assuming I paid someone to make me this plug-in?

The reason I ask is that Jeff suggested above the data was “stripped”, after Robin said a plugin would be possible.

Sure, doing it in a plugin is possible.

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People were asking for a gallery plugin here so maybe join efforts? Makes sense a galery plugin with exif.


I’d be very interested in such plugin… I’m running a community and online mag called Fujifeed and I’m currently in the process of opening a Discourse for it. I’d gladly help in paying a Dev to create this plugin.


I think this would be a great addition.

May be a lightbox addition, with a button that shows/hides exif data.

Exif data is large, showing camera and lens model and ISO stop, speed and f number would be the basic photo info that should be showed.