Any working image gallery plugin?

(Aman Jagga) #1

Is there any available working image gallery discourse plugin similar to this

This plugin is nice but it’s paid.I am looking for a free plugin

My requirement is very simple, multiple images should open in a gallery

Add EXIF data of the uploaded photo
Working Image Gallery?
(OG) #2

Not that I’m aware of… But I’m interested in developing one too…

I also doubt that plugin you are linking to is working…Demo seems to be working only partly… If I use arrows to slide left or right, there is not photo shown, just arrow…

Also it is running Discourse 1.5.0.beta6, but there is 1.7.0 currently out…

(Aman Jagga) #3

I found a another plugin

which is broken and people are trying to fix

@Overgrow …I can help if u need some to make or fix this plugin


I just tried it on my PC in Chrome and it seems to be working when I click on the arrows and on the pictures…

If you are making a plugin though, the addition of exif data would be awesome!!


Am very new to Discourse, I too am looking for a STABLE gallery plugin, please contact me if anyone is open to the idea of crowd funding a developer to build one. If there is a stable gallery plugin that is being supported and updated on a regular basis , I would be interested in that too. Thanks

(Discourse.PRO) #6

My plugin is updated to be compatible with the latest Discourse version.

(Mitchell Krog) #7

No free plugins for Discourse photo galleries?

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #8

A simple lightbox for multiple images is #pr-welcome territory:

I think @designbygio was interested in taking it on as part of another UX sprint?

(giorgia) #9

Yes, still happy to develop one as part of another UX sprint!