Add one button for topic create with pre-filled content without composer or API?

We run DS site to support meetups and part of it is to provide basic meetings RSVPs
We use poll option for self-registration

[poll public=true]
- Yes, I will attend event
- No, I will not attend
- Maybe

that solves part of our needs, however not all.
we would need

  1. simple registration form (not all forum participans shown real names, so we cannot use username for RSVP),
  2. meeting organizer should be alerted when someone registered.

The good solution for us would be to

  1. include into /admin/customize/css_html/…/top the easiest HTML reg form (for one category - Calendar) and 3 buttons at the botton of the form
    Yes, I will attend No,I will not Maybe
  2. After clicking to one of the buttons the prefilled topic with status is created and posted to dedicated categories(without composer being open (to simplify the registration process).

Is there some javascript approach to implement? Many thanks

FYI. We are aware of API approach (we dont want to use it as we want simple client-side addon)
We are aware of also about Compose a new pre-filled topic via URL (that is not also not ideal as it opens composer and allow user to edit registration data)

Unless there’s some secret Discourse API I don’t know about, the API is how the client side Ember app interacts with the Discourse server. So to do this:

you’re going to have to use the API directly, if you don’t want the composer to open.

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(edited) Thanks for input, but we hope that client-side js approach might exist to call and autoclose composer (or do it without composer)
So as a workaround we might need to find how autoclose composer after prefilled topic is being created.