Write a topic before registration?

Hi there,

I wondered if it is possible to change a setting / add a plugin to discourse that would allow for:

  • Add a topic button to appear to everyone (registered / unregistered)
  • Create a new topic pop up to appear to everyone
  • Have the sign up prompt and form after writing a new topic? Or at least, after clicking the New topic button.

It feels like an easy way of encouraging unregistered people to register and post. Without it, there isn’t an obvious prompt to join in the discussion.

Thank you

Would the user be already notified that he needs to register before sending the message before he spends time to write the message?

I remember some websites that let me fill a text area without telling me that I’d eventually need to register for my message to be posted. It annoyed me a lot and I left the site.

It was kind of “user hostile”, to use an expression I’ve seen written by codinghorror.

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You can certainly do something quite similar, if not exactly what you describe if you are prepared to do some development work.

The button could be there all the time.

But you would simply send someone to the login screen if the user wasn’t logged in, or pull up the composer if they were.

Drafts are linked to users, so I don’t think it would be at all easy to modify existing behaviour to permit anon to create drafts.

Unfortunately, I do not know of an existing open source plugin or TC that achieves that.

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Yes I think that would be good

thanks robert, having the button there linking to the register page feels like a good easy win

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If you have a budget, this should be straightforward for a TC, post in #marketplace.