Add option to disable author update on RSS plugin

If you change the ownership of an imported post, the plugin will change it back to the default user as soon as the RSS feed is refreshed. Would it be possible to avoid that these refreshes change the ownership, please?

Use case: We are importing posts from a blog. The owner assigned is the system user. If the author of the blog post is a user of the forum, we want to change the ownership manually, so the user gets the likes and notifications of replies. However, this is not possible because the ownership always goes back to user system.

Given that staff knows better, it would be useful if changed ownership would stick. This was the behavior of the predecessor of this plugin, we didn’t have this problem there.


Yes, that is the behavior that Discourse core implements since 2018:

Moved this conversation into a new topic, and making it #pr-welcome, to a plugin level setting to disable author update. Someone that wants to work on this will probably needs to add a new parameter to TopicEmbed.import and then use it on the plugin.