Add option to name backups

(Tobias Eigen) #1

I have been playing with my site and am realizing that I will be making activeuse of the backup/restore system. But I don’t know what each backup is that I am looking at - would be very helpful to see whether it’s an automated daily backup or a backup that I made just before testing some new feature. So an ability to name the backup or describe it as I create it would be helpful, and a name and timestamp of daily backup as well.

(Dan Dascalescu) #2


Discourse backups are super easy to make and restore, but their names (timestamps) can be cryptic when you make backups often while changing various things on the site. I can’t remember precisely which of these is the backup before upgrading to 1.5.0 beta, and which is the one before I ran an API script.

quantified-self-forum-2015-09-23-083352.tar.gz	8.9 MB	Download     Restore
quantified-self-forum-2015-09-23-040000.tar.gz	8.7 MB	Download     Restore
quantified-self-forum-2015-09-22-094309.tar.gz	8.7 MB	Download     Restore

Labels/notes for backups would be great.

(Steven Greco) #3

I would like to see this feature as well. I would like the ability to alter the naming scheme used for backups.