Backups not rotating

I’ve just looked at our backup history and can see backups from the following date:

8/25 *
8/14 *
8/13 *

That seems like an odd spread, from what I recalled we previously had the last seven days.

We have recently changed the site name as part of our shift from using discourse in the title. The original change was on August 12, although it was tweaked again on the 13th. Starred backups above all bear the same name.

As the backup name includes the site name, is there any chance the rename is responsible for this odd distribution of dates? It’s a little odd to have six consecutive days dating back more than a week and only one backup from the past seven.

We changed the Discourse default from a backup every day to a backup every 7 days.

There is no provision for “rotating” in the code, it’s “keep last X” only.

If that’s the case, where’s my backup from either the 18th, or 21st? There’s a 9 day gap between my two most recent backups.

The setting was changed recently. Not sure when you pulled the update but you got the new default.

Sure, I understand that, but until then I would have had daily backups, which from the sequence above suggests that it was when I updated on August 14th.

The rest is probably attributable to the site name change as you noted.

Backups for the past 13 days have been under the new name.