Add Preference for sidebar vertical scroll

[I do not know if this is the right place for it, but here it goes:]

Coming out from this answer given to me on forum of Audacity, I hereby kindly request addition of new option in Preferences: for giving users a choice, if they want their Sidebar to loose its vertical inner scroll-bar when its [folder or unfolded] content exceeds size of its window

[I personally do not like to be forced to scroll within some menus on sites - I prefer to have on overall scroll bar for the whole window]

In concurrence with such change, or even lack of it, the icon for the Keyboard Shortcuts link could be moved then from the bottom of Sidebar to the top most bar, where there is enough space for it [and where it would also remain being always visible]

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Hi @DJ-VJ, welcome to meta :wave:

I moved your topic to feature since that’s basically a per-user feature request more than an issue or general suggestion on the current UX :slight_smile:

How do you think such a setting would work when browsing a long topic such as ☁️ Discourse Air Theme - #280 by av203?

If you’re in the middle of it, scrolling to see the bottom or top of the sidebar would scroll the posts as well, which may be unwanted…


Well, that seems like an issue


● it would be up to user to decide which approach to use (in Preferences)

● there is a possibility of clicking a link in the top most bar in get to main site with links to sections of a given forum

● maybe some kind of floating feature, that could be turned on and of directly from view of posts (i.e. without a need to going to Preferences)


Not following though, we only show the scrollbar on sidebar on hover and it is super subtle.

Can you try your site in safe mode, does it still have the issue?

Is is no an issue - it is question of choice of modus operandi; of what an individual views as the most convenient interface

The site works as you describe it in normal mode