Add rel="nofollow" admin setting is not working right, its making parent domain link as nofollow

It’s not that simple.

uri_domain =  
uri_domain = "#{'.')[1]}.#{'.')[2]}" if &&'.').size == 3  
uri_domain = "#{'.')[1]}.#{'.')[2]}.#{'.')[3]}" if &&'.').size == 4  

This code fails when people use naked ccSLD’s like (will follow everything in

Also will follow everything at

You should use View the Public Suffix List to resolve this…

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This is about “making links follow” (technically, not making them nofollow), not about making them nofollow.
Or is that what you mean?

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Yes, edited. Thanks.

Thanks for pointing this out. Will fix.

This is the desired behaviour. If the instance is hosted at then everything at should be followed.

Yes I agree, initially I used publicsuffix-ruby gem to achieve this, but all tests broke… :disappointed: Will try to fix tests.

Updated the PR to use publicsuffix-ruby gem. Tests are passing.

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I am worried about this kind of stuff, how heavy is this dependency ?

This is a 150k file I bet this bloats us with 10k extra strings at least

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I do not think a whole library should be necessary for this change @techAPJ

Why can’t the test be “ends with correct domain suffix” and then “anything else on front with a period between”?

It’s because the requirements are like this:

  • Discourse at
  • - followed
  • - followed
  • - followed
  • - nofollow
  • Discourse at
  • - nofollow
  • - nofollow
  • Discourse at
  • website./ - nofollow
  • - nofollow

You can’t tell those apart with the number of dots.

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Number of dots should not be used.

Known domain name suffix of site should be used, e.g.

With the rule being “any domain name with a dot plus this suffix is followed”

If necessary add another site setting to hold this value. If the value is not present, the nofollow will simply not be as accurate, e.g. it will nofollow stuff that it technically should not. It errs on the side of caution.

That’s much preferable to a giant library dependency…


Worst case, default to the discourse domain, that way, once added, it only no-follows internal links; ie:, and we’d have to make it more generic by changing it to

However, it needs to be able to not match or similar related URL renderings.

We are going to need an extra site setting.

if then should be followed.

if then should be followed.

So we need a site setting here for:

follow_links_domains which user can set. Which will help for lots of other cases. Like wanting followed.


Yes this only applies to the domain part of the URL.

However, I think our default behavior is correct now. should only include follow for etc. Otherwise we need to carry around logic that tells us who is a TLD


.community vs .com vs vs

OR we need to do DNS queries and add extra complex logic.

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No we don’t need to do any of that, we just need to add one more site setting: it contains


We know that anything with a period added to the front of that is allowed. If this setting is not specified, then nofollow is super strict.

Note that @techapj said he fixed a bug with the current handling that seems kind of severe…

So we need that fix…

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Sure, just saying current behavior is correct.

Also site setting should allow for a list of domains, not just one.

According to @techapj current behavior is not correct (at least for exclude_rel_nofollow_domains)

Yes, I agree. However I think we should just rename setting exclude_rel_nofollow_domains to follow_links_domains, because exclude_rel_nofollow_domains is essentially doing the same thing. So:

  • By default will only follow,, etc.
  • If the user adds to follow_links_domains setting then will also follow,,, etc.

Sounds good?

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I think this is fine:

I don’t want rename this site setting, seems pointless.


Is it fixed? If I upgrade to latest version will it work or do I need to wait for next release?

Also do I need to do anything for old posted links or ‘no-follow’ will automatically get removed from older root domain links?

It works fine but you need to plugin the domain name into the site setting

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