Add secondary url / embed into Wordpress


I’m new to Discourse and am a bit confused about how to embed it into a wordpress site. We were using github and had a subdomain dedicated to our Discourse, but we’re switching to Wordpress and it’s unclear if the subdomain will remain. We have the plugin installed - is there a way to embed the forum onto a page www… /discourse? Can it live on two pages, or is it only the url set through Discourse?


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While a subfolder install is possible, it does add a lot of complexity and it’s not recommended.


I guess my main question is: how do we preserve access to discourse when we switch to wordpress? Will our discourse.(website).com link still work?

And secondary question is can we embed it into Wordpress? If not, what’s the purpose of the wordpress plugin?

Discourse is an independent system. If you move another system from GitHub to Wordpress this has nothing to do with Discourse. Why would Discourse be affected? Are you going to install Wordpress on the server where Discourse runs today? That may complicate things a bit.

I believe this is pretty clear on the Discourse Wordpress plugin homepage.

TL;DR enable comments on Wordpress posts using Discourse and Single Sign On between the two.


I appreciate your humor Rafa :slight_smile:

Thanks for being so helpful. We were hoping to add our header / navigation bar to the top of our discourse subdomain, but sounds like that won’t be possible.

You can add your header to Discourse! Use this tutorial as a first step Custom header with dropdown navigation then adapt it to your custom HTML.


There’s also this way to add header links: