Add social media handles on home page

Is there a way to add company’s social media handles on home page?

There are a number of possible ways. For instance, on my meta site, I use the advertising plugin to run house ads. (Not social media, per se, but a similar idea.) A more aggressive approach would be to put them in a custom header or a sitewide banner. A bit less in-your face is a globally pinned topic with contact information. Or add them to a customized your FAQ.

It all depends on your goals and the culture of your community. So what is your goal?

i need to put the social media handles of the company under the top contributors. Is there anyway to achieve that

There is a conponent, or was it a plugin, to expand possibilities of sidebars. Searching is your friend.

But I am that boring guy asking same old question again: are you fancing to show those social handles to mobile users too? Because all effort you put on that axel is hidden for mobiles.

BTW, if I’m remembering right that Top contributers component breaks layout in iPad — but that is worth of own topic, though. But my weak point is that those sidebars are very problematic nowadays.

I think you may be able to use the HTML element in Right Sidebar Blocks to do this?


Yeah, that I was thinking — but I was too lazy to do searching :smirk:

What about Easy Responsive Footer and leaving everything but the social links empty? Result see here: