Add support for Groups and Usernames that completely overlap

(Ivan Rapekas) #1

Em… We use this feature, I mean ability to have both group and user with the same name. And I found it awesome. We divide users into their own private groups to have personal private category for support purposes.

There is no any problem to differ user from group by icon or by typing not from the 1st letter in groupname:



By fixing this, I am afraid to have problems in my customer support workflow. What about existing pairs of users and groups with the same name? This change may cause really pain for my staff and customers.

Can you leave it as is?

Groups can be given same name as existing username
(Alan Tan) #2

This isn’t a feature though and has always been a bug. The problem here is that even if you’re able to visually differentiate the selection of the user/group, I believe the mention will always point at the user.

(Ivan Rapekas) #3

I’ve just checked on beta5+110, the problem is in mentioning a user. In fact it sends a notification to the group with the same name. Agree, this is not good. But the solution of this bug by prohibition of creation groups with the same name as a user name is weird.

I sure that the topic title does not report a real problem, that have to be fixed. Real issue is in a mention logic. Also @mentioned_user points to a group instead of a certain user.

(Sam Saffron) #4

I am not sure about this, I don’t want to add this feature as a supported feature, it causes incredible amounts of confusion. My recommendation here is to just not do it.