Add trust levels or large groups to a group

I have tried and failed to figure this out, sorry!

I have many categories. To make things simpler, we set permissions for them to be specific for groups, and also made up a group, “omni” that could see all the categories.

now, we want everyone to be able to see all the categories.

while we can manually edit all 25 categories, my goal is to simply put everyone in omni

but I can’t hack my way to do that.

Is there a way to let trust level 1 or some other group into a group?

sorry if that’s too meta.


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I think you’d be better off amending the 25 categories. It only takes a few seconds to delete the existing groups from the Security tab and add in the ‘Everyone’ group with the right permissions (and save). Then you can just change the category in the dropdown at the top, and repeat. 25 will probably take about 5 minutes.



I’ll try to be smarter next time.



There’s no need to be sad. :slightly_smiling_face: Hopefully that worked out alright, and saved you a bit of time and effort. :crossed_fingers:


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