Hiding categories from new users

We have 20 active categories with lots of noise in them.

We’re about to invite 500 new people to join our platform, and don’t want to overwhelm them.

My thought was to have a category that can be seen by Level 1 trusted users along with everyone else.

and to restrict the rest of the categories to everyone level 2 or higher.

So that way, the newbies will have a playground to meet and connect and try it out, and then, after they’ve clicked and responded, could suddenly see the rest of the site.

Is that particularly difficult? Permissions by group makes sense, but I missed the step of automatically putting people into a group based on trust.


Failed to find this in search, forgive me if I wasn’t diligent enough…

If you edit the category security, you can achieve it


thanks. I didn’t realize that the trust levels were treated like groups.

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Just for the sake of simplifying a bit, adding higher trust levels with the same permissions isn’t necessary. So in the example screenshot, trust_level_3 and trust_level_4 aren’t needed because any tl3 or tl4 users will also be in the trust_level_2 group.

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