Add WEBP support to GIF pause component

Continuing the discussion from Improving the placeholders for the Bcc plugin:

@pmusaraj looks like we need WEBP support for our amazing GIF pauser ™

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Webp should be supported, the issue in the linked post is that for some reason that image is still being loaded from the remote source (giphy)… it’s not being downloaded locally. And without a local DB record, we can’t tell whether it’s an animation or not.

Will investigate why it’s not being downloaded (maybe that’s where webp support is lacking?)

Update: actually, there was a delay, but now the image has been downloaded locally and the pausing works. There is an issue, though, when it’s inline in a paragraph, after pausing, the image shifts. That might need fixing.


The issue with inline animated images is now fixed via FIX: Support pausing inline animated images (#13033) · discourse/discourse@b0d66b4 · GitHub. Closing.