Allow pause for animated images from certain domains

As discussed here:

Because my site is large as heck and people LOVE to hotlink stuff, particularly Very Large Images and gifs, I have turned off download remote images to local. The problem is, we’re also using the Discourse Gifs component, so 99% of the gifs we include are remote linked.

Would it be possible to make that educated guess mentioned above and enable the gif pauser magic to images hosted on the top gif hosting sites like giphy and tenor? It makes sense not to have to guess about things hosted everywhere, but those are very good educated guess territory. Without it, our site really won’t benefit from this magic, and it has been requested a LOT as an accessibility thing.


This makes sense to me, we can assume images with URLs containing or are animated, and allow them to be paused. I should be able to add this soon.


This is now done via FEATURE: Enable pausing images from Giphy and Tenor (#13185) · discourse/discourse@726500b · GitHub. Note that it doesn’t apply retroactively, yet. (You can use the Rebuild HTML option in older posts, though.)


Works beautifully. Thank you!


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