Addding a paid group who can reply to topics but not create them

Is it possible with this plugin to request a payment only to add a new subject/topic into a specific categorie but let the access free for all members to read and comment the subject of this categorie ?

The plugin can add users to a group that can create a topic in a category that anyone logged in can read or reply to.


Thanks and the only one who pays is the one who creates a topic in a category that anyone connected can read or reply to for free?

Understanding groups and category permissions (security settings)

Thank you @pfaffman.
I’m not sure I made myself understood.
Discourse Subscriptions allows site owners to sell recurring and one-time purchase subscriptions that grant access to a group on a Discourse instance.
So I therefore understand that only people who have paid can see and reply. What I’m looking for is to allow the creation of a new discussion in a specific category only for those who have paid. But all forum users can read and reply for free.

It does, but a one-time purchase adds the user to the group forever. If you want a one-time purchaser to be able to post only one new topic, you’ll need to add some logic. It might be possible with the automations plugin, or it might take a custom plugin.

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