Adding a new Chat Bot when using AI plugin

I want to add a new “Chat Bot” on discourse hosted enterprise instance, and link it to a “Third” hosted LLM.
My model is hosted on a cloud service, so I have end point and key, and can test using Curl commands, the hosting service is not natively listed in the plugin. So consider this “self” hosting.

I am trying to use the plugin’s support for hugging face hosting by providing my end point and my key and use the “ai hugging face model display name” field - but I as it happens I am not using Hugging face to host, but using something similar.

I am trying to add this model into the Chatbot drop down list.

I have tried to “create” a new bot via the “ai bot enable chat bots” drop down, and anything I create appear shows in the chatbot drop down as " [en.discourse_ai.ai_bot.bot_names.XXXX] where XXXX is the name I provided.

If I use the openai URL and key - then how would I go about changing the chatbot’s name?

I am trying to avoid changing the plugin source code, hoping the plugin supports such customizations from the admin interface.

Any suggestions on best ways to achieve this would be appreacaited.