Adding a section above the boxed categories list

Is there anyway to add latest news above the boxes category ? it would be good idea to change discourse interface style…

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This question is outside of the scope of Category Previews, so I moved it to its own topic.

You can add content above the boxed category list using a plugin outlet. For example you could add the following to the “Head” section of a theme/component:

<script type="text/x-handlebars" data-template-name="/connectors/above-discovery-categories/custom-category-section">
    This text appears above the category list.

And that would produce something like this:

You can obviously add your own HTML/CSS to make it look nice.


Thanks for that, but i’m not a CSS pro, hence if there is a plugin i can use to seperate the latest news above of the category i would apprecate it… for me and for other newbie users.

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@tshenry is possible what code we must add in component to change the font for “mobile” only for the search text, and footer color ?

Thank you

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