How to split the categories into sections with titles?

I feel someone must have done this previously but i can’t find it mentioned anywhere here. I felt we needed three sub-categories so i made that fix, but honestly its not worth it with the bugs caused to other plugins.

We don’t need the third layer anyway, we just need a way to break the categories list page up into sections so each grouping is clearly different from the others and users instantly know what it is. Obviously i’ve already colour coded them accordingly, but there is nothing to explain to users what each colour means.

I want to add a space between categories in the category list view, and put a word of text in it as a title. For example:

| category 1 - sub1
| category 2
| category 3 - sub1+2

| category 4 - sub1
| category 5

| category 6 - sub1+2+3
| category 7

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You can select categories with their ids and inject your title texts before, e.g.:

body [data-category-id="1"]:before {
    content: "Projects";

Alternatively, you could use this new component, it comes with backend settings to add category sections: