Adding an instance to multisite without rebuilding the container


A discourse was setup as a multisite and runs six instances on six databases and six different domains. Every time a new instance is added, the container is rebuilt:

./launcher rebuild app

It takes a few minutes and while it is happening all forums are down. It has worked fine for the past few months and all is well. However, as the number of instances grow, the inconvenience of shutting down all of them every time a new one is added impacts an increasing number of users.

Is there a HOWTO to add a new forum instance dynamically instead of rebuilding the app?



If the database is created and migrated and the multisite.yml is updated in the container, you can just do a `sv restart unicorn’, but I don’t think there’s a way to do that easily.

What I think you want is a two-container install so you can do the bootstrap while the old container containues to run.


Thanks for you answer !

Are you referencing to this ?


Yes. That’s what I mean by a two container install.

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