Adding Bulgarian to dropdown

Hi, I do not see Bulgarian in the dropdown for selecting the default language of the instance I just installed. I see Bulgarian partially translated (~70% of client.yml) on transifex. I see other partially translated languages in the dropdown. I would like to be able to switch the forum to Bulgarian to demo it.
What should I do?

You will need to add Bulgarian language to Discourse. Here is the howto:


Thank you for quick answer. I cloned the repository and downloaded and carefully renamed the files from transifex for Bulgarian as per the instructions. I then pressed the button “Commit to master” from the Github Desktop. I am not too experienced with Github. How do I send a pull request? I tried creating a branch too, but it won’t let me push it to the repository.

You’ll need to make a pull request from a fork of Discourse, since you don’t have permission to push to the Discourse repo. Here are two articles that can help you:


Hi, Thanks for the tip. I had just forgotten.

I have now forked, added the resource files and sent a pull request. When will the files be available to update my instance?


Thanks for your contribution!

I’m really sorry to say that the old Howto you followed was quite out-of-date and we can’t accept the PR in its current state. :flushed:

You can try following the updated guide if you feel up to it. Otherwise we can help you with that.


Thanks! I have posted a request for help in that thread as suggested. I would have loved to have been able do everything myself, but I only have a windows 7 machine.

Done. :bulgaria:


It worked! Thank you very much!!!


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